Everything you need, clean and simple.

Your clients will love paying you

Professional Invoices

Create professional invoices in seconds. Customize them with your logo and colors. Do a little dance knowing you're about to get paid.

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Add your logo and colors.
Customize your invoices and emails so they match your brand.
Speak your language.
Invoices are available in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, and Spanish.
Optimized for very fast payments.
Turn on AutoPay for instant payments, or let clients pay in one-click.
Stay out of the spam folder.
Our emails are engineered to hit your clients inbox, not their spam folder.
Find out when your invoices are opened.
And when they get paid. Winner winner chicken dinner.
So. Many. Currencies.
Chances are we already support your currency, but if not we'll add it.

Recurring invoices


Bill your clients weekly, monthly, annually, and everything in between.

Send invoices automatically or create drafts you can review first.
Cards are automatically saved on file for subscription payments. Turn on AutoPay for instant payments on future invoices, or let clients pay in one click.
Set up custom start dates, end dates, and billing cycles. Pause and resume. Charge a set-up fee on the first invoice only.
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Wait, but why?


Keep a payment methods on file and pay off invoices automatically.

Instant payments.
Giving clients 30 days to pay made sense when gold coins had to cross the ocean on a galleon. Get paid now!
No more awkward reminders.
Chasing after clients for your money is very awkward. Automatic and always on-time payments are better for everyone.
It's 100% optional.
Most service providers don't wait for you to pay, they charge your card on file immediately. Now you can do the same!
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An e-commerce store for your product

Sales Pages

Create sales pages to sell your products and services, even when you sleep. You'll get a unique link anyone can use to purchase from you.

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No comissions.
We don't keep a percentage of your sales. You only have to pay your payment processor a small percentage.
100% no-code.
Create a sales page without writing any code. We take care of all the nerdy stuff.
Digital products downloads.
Customers can download their digital products as soon as they purchase. No more manual fulfillment.
Fast and easy.
Write a title and a description, add an image, set your price, and hit publish. Done.
One-time purchases or subscriptions.
What works for you works for us. You can even add a discount.
Ask for any custom details such as an address, a t-shirt size, a preferred service date, etc.

But wait, there's more!

Here's the perfect invoicing workflow: you hop in, create an invoice, send it, get paid, and hop out. Invoicing is fun when it takes a few seconds, and you get paid right away. Try it!

Easy to use for you and your clients. You won't need a PHD in accounting to send an invoice, and your clients won't need to be computer experts to pay it.
Knowledgeable Support. We're here to help you if you have a question. No AI chatbots or copy-pasted nonsense. Real answers only.
Fast and responsive. No more waiting for your invoices to load. No more clicking through countless pages. Everything is fast and responsive.
Be ready for tax season. It's the less wonderful time of the year, but we can help. You can easily export your data in a spreadsheet format and send it to your accountant.

Ready to take it for a spin?

The best way to make sure Selfco is the right fit for you is to send an invoice. What's the worst that can happen? You'll get paid.

Let's do it!